Smartmister Sanitising Misters using Hypochlorous HOCl to keep Offices, Transport and Homes Virus and Bacteria free.

Whether for business, industry,
education, leisure, or travel.

PPE Defends Smartmister solutions provide a scalable delivery mechanism for rooms up to 100m2. Compliant with European and British biocide regulations, it delivers a fine mist of Hypochlorous HOCl, effortlessly sanitising room and contents.

Salvesan Hypochlorous disinfectant sanitiser (HOCl) is skin friendly and harmless for humans and the environment. Proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria and fully Certified to European and British standards HOCI is a powerful weapon in the fight against Covid-19.

Alcohol, Ethanol and Bleach free, non-toxic and all-natural, HOCl  kills in less than 60 seconds, faster than alcohol and other surface cleansers.


Product range

Smartmister Deep Clean Room Sanitiser

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Smartmister Portable Mini Desktop Misting Sanitiser

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Smartmister Mini USB Car Sanitising Mister

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Smartmister Particle Sensor Sanitisation Tester

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