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New Graphene mask family pack made available

By April 8, 2022No Comments

With better weather and daylight hours improving, families are going out more and enjoying newly restored freedoms. Holidays are once more becoming a reality. But as we know Covid rates are still high and sickness rates in the comunity are currently on the increase.

Addressing the demand to keep families protected, PPE Defends has put together a family pack. In each pack are three Adult FFP2 re-usable Graphene enhanced masks, plus two childrens face coverings. Adult mask colours can be requested at checkout.

The childrens face covers are manufactured in the same facilitty and are based on the same technology as our Adult Graphene-Enhanced Protective FFP2 Masks. Unfortunately there are no UK/EU standards for Children’s face coverings, so although of similar build standard, it is important to clarify that these cannot be classed as PPE or medical grade like their bigger brother.

Please go to our shop to purchase your family pack ready for the Holidays and more :


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