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PPE Defends add the new Sanitise 360 service to portfolio

By April 8, 2022No Comments

Working with our partners at EF Engineering we have created an engineered solution that enables our clients to operate their facilities and vehicles, confident that they have one of the best levels of sanitisation available.

Utilising a unique compressor system that creates a fine atomised mist, we can support an organisations own infection control programme. The solution we apply through our mobile spraying equipment kills 99.99% of all viruses associated with infections and allergies including; CoV2, SARS, MRSA Fungi and Mould. The atomised mist we apply is eco-friendly, non-toxic and has a low carbon footprint. We only use Salvesan HOCl liquid sanitiser from Aqualution. Used extensively in the medical and food production industries, this virus, bacteria and spore killer is kind to skin and minimises the need for PPE on application and minimises down time.  This is one of the best solutions available to help meet the HSE’s COVID-19 Secure 2020 specified requirements and the recent 2022 upgrade to advice for businesses.

Our offering provides a cost effective OPEX solution to any organisation, by providing training, compressor hardware, maintenance support and a regular supply of HOCl sanitiser all on a tailored monthly subscription basis.

Contact us for more details and onboard the most effective eco-friendly misting solution available.


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