VERSARIAN Childrens Face Covering (Pack of 5)


Face covers made for little faces, with fully adjustable ear loops and nose strip to maximise comfort.

Units:  5

These face covers are based on the same technology as the Graphene-Enhanced Protective Face Masks. Unfortunately there are no UK/EU standards for Children’s face masks, so we need to clarify these are not clasified as PPE or medical grade like their bigger brother.

What are they made from?

A non-woven 4-Ply construction with Versarien’s Polygrene outer layer using Nanene. Other layers include a non-woven PP fabric, a Hot Air Cotton and a Melt-blown fabric.

Cautions & Disclaimer:

  • These face covers should be fitted following the ‘Donning’ instructions.
  • These covers should not be washed, please only use the Graphene Mask Sanitiser to disinfect after use (please refer to ‘Cleaning’).
  • Use of this face cover does not guarantee that the wearer will not become exposed to any airborne viruses or bacteria.