Sanitise 360 is a unique non-toxic misting service that allows businesses and organisations to support their own infection control programme in line with HSE guidelines

Whether for business, industry,
education, leisure, or travel.

Organisations can demonstrate to their staff, visitors and customers that they are following HSE guidelines and have measures in place to manage infection risks.

Sanitise 360 applied through our mobile spraying equipment is compliant with European and British biocide regulations, it delivers an ultra fine atomised fine mist of Hypochlorous HOCl, effortlessly sanitising room, air and contents, killing 99.99% of all viruses associated with infections and allergies including; CoV2, SARS, MRSA Fungi and Mould.

We use Salvesan Hypochlorous disinfectant sanitiser (HOCl) which is skin friendly and harmless for humans and the environment, HOCI is a powerful weapon in the infection control arsenal.

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