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As part of the high-risk category group, I have been searching for the right mask for some time. Fortunately, I came across PPEdefends and have been wearing the Freedom 1 Graphene facemask for the last couple of weeks.
I can now go out with increased confidence to meet people in my business and personal life knowing that I am protected and those around me are. With the enhanced protection that is offered, it gives me a bit more peace of mind.
I would highly recommend organisations and individuals start wearing these masks to best protect themselves and others, particularly at these challenging times.

Chris WindleyChief Executive Officer at Cyber Security Valley UK

“When we were all advised and then required by law to wear a face mask in various settings, I was fairly sceptical. I knew that most of the disposable masks and the homemade cloth ones, weren’t going to afford any real protection. The medical grade certified masks were rightly allocated to our fantastic front-line NHS and Health Workers. Then I was made aware of the new Freedom1 Graphene Enhanced Face Masks from colleagues at PPE Defends. Not only are these masks innovative, but they’re certified to FFP2/ KN95. So, not only can I now be confident of full anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection, I know it’s also extending this protection to the wider public. As an added bonus, it’s also very comfortable and for spectacle wearers like me, I’ve found you get close to no fogging. I can’t recommend this mask enough.”

Steve HoodChannel Partner manager - Jitterbyte

Its great to wear not only British Technology, but in the knowledge it protects me against the virus and the added benefit that it is comfortable to wear

Tim Major - Thames Valley Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce

A quick note to thank you for the masks!
My wife and daughters love them (as do I).
They are comfortable, fit snugly around the face (no gaps) and don’t steam up my glasses - a big plus.
They certainly are in a different league to the ‘blue’ disposables currently seen on most people.
Stay safe,

G DuncanSandhurst, Berkshire

"I have worn the masks I bought for ACS staff and I have to say that it is far better than any of the other masks I own, in terms of breathability and comfort. I also know the science helps protect me and those around."

William NelsonAssociation of Convenience Stores

We have worked alongside PPE Defends as a partner and distributor of their fantastic Freedom1 FFP2 Graphene Enhanced Reusable Masks, it has significant protection over other FFP2 masks in the sector and has quickly become one of our best sellers. Our sales team often find it the easiest mask to recommend to customers as it offers so many benefits: reusable, Graphene enhanced FFP2 protection and a stylish design.
After careful research we had identified graphene enhanced masks as relatively undiscovered market with huge potential. We took a close look at various manufacturers of Graphene enhanced masks, however we were (and still are) confident PPE defends has produced the best value for money Graphene enhanced mask on the market.

Sam Tucker -Director - The Face Mask store

I am utilising the best of breed products to protect my staff and customers. Its not just about Covid, Its about all the other winter viruses that will affect us in the coming months. If I can keep my staff healthy it helps my business, if I can show my customers that I am going that little bit further they will come back again and again.

Joe WilliamsProtecting my store in Hook Norton

'The new Salvesan Hypochlorous gel is much easier and does not splash, like the liquid version.
It feels nice on your hands, not greasy or sticky and soaks in very quickly, plus there is no overpowering smell.
We are very happy with the new Salvesan hypochlorous gel.
The pumps look fantastic in place. Very professional and clearly marked.
Patients find them both easy to use and the new Salvesan hypochlorous gel flows freely'.

Becki Morris Ops Manager - Harcourt Medical PracticeNHS

"At the height of Covid19 I was looking after my daughter going through breast cancer and my 95 year old mother so it was essential that I protected myself as much as possible. After a great deal of research I came across the Freedom Graphene Enhanced Protective Face Masks. I have used these masks consistently and feel confident that I am protecting myself and my family from Covid and all variants. They are comfortable to wear and I will be purchasing some more in preparation for our next flight"

Tricia Turner - Bowen PractionerProtecting myself and my family